PCCSF’s Dr. Allan Greissman Appears on National TV Show, The Doctors

At some point, many of us have participated in the seemingly harmless party trick of inhaling helium to make our voices squeaky. What many of us are unaware of are the hidden dangers behind this popular activity, which can even be deadly.

Former PCCSF patient, Tuesdai Joyner, and her mother, Altaria Butler, learned of these consequences firsthand earlier this year after Tuesdai joined the other kids at a birthday party in inhaling helium from a balloon.

After her turn, Tuesdai ran to her mother to go home, but while running, she passed out, fell to the ground, and suffered a seizure. She was rushed to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital where she was treated by our Dr. Allan Greissman. Upon examining Tuesdai and speaking to the parents, he concluded that Tuesdai suffered helium toxicity.

Dr. Greissman joined the panel of experts on the national TV show, The Doctors , to share Tuesdai’s story, as well as the hidden dangers associated with inhaling helium. We’re happy to share that Tuesdai made a full recovery.

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