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Family Centered Care

Family Centered Care

PCCSF recognizes and respects the essential role that families play during and after hospitalization. More often than not, the family is the main source of support and strength. That's why we believe in working together to best meet the needs of the child.

We are committed to providing a comforting family-centered care environment. This includes, whenever possible, working with hospitals that share our belief in 24-hour visitation for parents. Many of them also provide comfortable and welcoming accommodations for families so that they can be with their child as much as possible.

Though every case is different, we treat each patient and family with dignity, respect and genuine concern.

Some of our promises to you are:

Information Sharing

All team members and families will receive timely, complete and accurate information.


Families are encouraged, educated and supported emotionally with any resources available and are involved in any and all decision-making.


Because you can never truly know exactly how a patient or family member feels until you've been through it, we collaborate with patients and families in policy and program development to make sure we are meeting their needs as best we can.