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Pediatric Critical Care

Pediatric Critical Care

PCCSF believes that pediatric critical care medicine is best practiced in a collaborative, multidisciplinary model. That's why everything we do is in conjunction with other experts and providers, and in the best interest of the patient.

Members of the critical care team include the intensivist, consultants, physician assistant, nursing, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, nutritionist, child life specialist, family advocate, social work and case management. Daily bedside rounds are conducted on each patient to assess clinical progress, review pertinent laboratory and radiographic data, and update or revise the individualized treatment plan.

Members of PCCSF are highly experienced, board-certified pediatric intensivists who are facile in all aspects of pediatric critical care. Areas of expertise include the management of patients with respiratory failure, post-operative cardiothoracic care, pediatric trauma, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, neuromuscular diseases, and all forms of dialysis.

Whenever possible, evidence-based medicine is utilized to make clinical decisions and formulate treatment plans. Group members actively participate in nursing, respiratory therapy and resident education by offering lectures and participating in teaching conferences. PCCSF is also active in clinical research and they participate in numerous multi-center clinical trials.