Back-To-School Tips to Get Your Kids off to a Healthy Start

A new school year has arrived! Following are some tips to help your children ease into their back-to-school routines and get them off to a healthy start.

  • Make sure that your child’s school is aware of any medical conditions that your child may have, including allergies, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or vision problems. Make arrangements for the school to administer any medications that they may need during class
  • Healthy eating is crucial for a successful school year. Make sure that your child’s eating habits are back-on-track before the new school year starts by reintroducing healthier meals and making them aware of the benefits of nutritious options so they can start making better choices on their own
  • As the new school year approaches, it is imperative to get kids back to a regular sleep schedule. Check with your pediatrician to see how much sleep your child should be getting according to their age
  • Anxiety can be a problem, especially if children are heading to a new school with new classmates. Encourage your kids to discuss any anxieties they may be experiencing
  • Computer screens keep children’s minds stimulated longer than intended, start limiting your child’s playtime in front of computers, cellphones, and tablets as back-to-school season approaches
  • Make regular physical activity part of your child’s back-to-school routine. Exercise supports overall well-being, a healthier immune system, and helps kids stay alert and focused when they get back to class
  • Go a step further by encouraging your child to sign-up for a sport they enjoy. Participating in team sports has lots of benefits, including physical and mental health, stress reduction, and an increase in self-confidence. Check if your child’s school requires a sports physical and schedule it before the school year starts
  • Make sure that your child’s backpack isn’t hurting their back. Choose a sturdy backpack with good built-in support and thick padded shoulder straps. Teach your child how to spread the weight of the bag evenly
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