PCCSF Manages Complex Chronic Care Coordination Program at JDCH

Providing top-notch quality care to critically ill pediatric patients is our mission at Pediatric Critical Care of South Florida. In addition to managing Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit, we also manage the hospital’s Complex Chronic Care Coordination Program.

Led by our very own Dr. Jason Adler, the group’s medical director, the team is made up of three pediatric palliative care specialists; a physician assistant, PCCSF’s Alison Davis-Lavandosky; and a social worker. Together the team provides healthcare to children and adolescents who have multiple complex healthcare needs and whose care often requires the aid of medical devices such as home ventilators or feeding tubes.

Services provided by the Complex Chronic Program Team include:

  • Coordination of care for medically complex children
  • Transition of care visits for medically complex children including when children experience the following changes in care environments:
    • Hospital to home
    • Skilled nursing facility to home
    • Geographic relocation
    • Shift from one care provider to another
  • Office visits and on-call support for children with medical complexity
  • Expert medical consultation and diagnostic services for children with rare diseases
  • Expert medical consultation for complex medical decision-making for providers and/or caregivers of medically complex children
  • Needs assessments for home and community based medical services for medically complex children
  • Medical diagnostic and treatment services for the medically complex children
  • Short- and long-term medical planning for medically complex children

For more information on the Complex Chronic Care Coordination Program, please call 954-265-6301.

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