PCCSF Patient Success Story: PCCSF Cares For Baby Born With Congenital Heart Defect

Last year, Pediatric Critical Care of South Florida cared for Xander Nunez, a Boca Raton baby born with critical aortic stenosis, a congenital heart defect that causes a narrowing of the heart’s aortic valve. Because his condition was so severe, Xander spent the first five months of his life at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital awaiting a heart transplant.

Led by Dr. Gerald Lavandosky, PCCSF provided around-the-clock monitoring, continuous infusions of medication to support his heart, and oxygen tube feedings. After many months, the call came that a heart was available for Xander, which he received on September 26, 2018. After successful heart surgery, PCCSF provided post-operative care in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Today, Xander is a nine-month-old baby boy who is, according to his mom, “too smart for his diapers.” Thanks to the successful treatment he received, Dr. Lavandosky shared that Xander has a “very good prognosis to enjoy a full and complete life.”

Read more about the care PCCSF provided Xander, how he’s doing today, and how you can donate to the family’s Help Hope Live campaign in the Sun Sentinel.

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