Seven-year-Old Boy Recovers After Surviving Near-Fatal Crash

On December 19, 2022, Jacob and his mother were involved in a devastating crash in Miramar that sadly took her life. The crash left Jacob with a brain injury, several extremity and pelvic fractures, and multiple organ injuries in his liver, heart, and kidneys, he was taken to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Level 1 Trauma Center where trauma doctors and surgeons worked quickly to save his life by providing resuscitation and intense critical care to treat his injuries.

Jacob’s condition was so severe, doctors didn’t expect him to survive, and his long-term prognosis was likely poor if he made it through the night.

“From his head to his toe, every organ was affected,” shared Dr. Greissman. “He was in a traumatic coma. We didn’t know if he would ever wake up.”

Jacob spent two months at JDCH under the care of doctors from many specialties including the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and trauma. Through this team effort, doctors were able to save Jacob’s life and help him overcome his injuries and on February 22, 2023, he was cheerfully discharged from Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

“The PICU staff and doctors made the worst experience in my life a little easier,” said Jacob’s dad, Anthony Estrada. “The attention and care Jacob and my family received was like we were one of their own, a part the Joe DiMaggio family. From our doctors, Dr. Greissman and Dr. Duncan, to our nurses, Emily, Faith, Hannah, Amanda, Aimee, and Ileen, our beloved social worker, Dina, to name a few, and the countless other staff members that made our 65-day stay easier. No matter the issue that arose with Jacob’s recovery, I knew we were in great hands! Jacob and I owe the staff everything, because of them and God, my Jacob is alive and walking. There are no words for how grateful I am for the medical staff at Joe DiMaggio Children’s!”

We’re happy to see Jacob is doing well and wish him and his dad all the best. To see his story on CBS Miami, click here.

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